Another Classic Example Of Hard Landscaping.

Another Classic Example Of Hard Landscaping.

hard landscaping.

Certainly, there are some landscaping options avaiable with which one has to choose to make the overall environment beautiful. We all say good things about the view and the environment, but we barely say things about the landscaping actually. In short even when we are saying things about views and environment; in the end we are praising the landscaping overall.

Materials used during hard landscaping:

There are certain items which can be used for the hard landscaping job, certainly there are some basic differences in terms of items which makes hard landscaping different from soft landscaping. Materials such as: bricks, gravel, rock, stone, concrete, timber and metal. Outdoor furniture and other outdoor stuff can also be labelled as hard landscaping items. Unlike soft landscaping, this other type of landscaping is not flexible, it’s fixed and would not provide natural environment (mostly). Yes there is no hard and fast rule that one just cannot use the items of soft landscaping, but the overall aura of hardscaping is entirely different from soft landscaping.

3 elements in hard landscaping:

There are total 3 elements for hardlandscaping, architect can easily select things from these 3. One is line, second is form and third one is color and texture. Mostly the lines are horizontal, vertical or curve which means the architect can easily select from these options to make things look better. Textures can be described and segregated in three more categories such as: coarse, medium and fine which can be selected according to the need of the view and landscaping and above all the need of the customer. Although color doesn’t mean the whole color pallete, but the nature of the color could be warm, cold or standard (just like android display). One can select the nature of the colors as warm, cold or subtle (standard). There is no hard and fast again this is something worth noticing. Firepit, water walk and so many more things can be used othe than the ones mentioned in the article.

All in all, landscaping is an art and hence has no restriction. There are different types but as the customer wants they can have it totally. These days clients are pretty knowledgeable and genius, so they know what they want and need from an architect i.e hard or soft landscaping hence it is very important to differentiate between the two major types. So much so, if an architect starts by labelling things as hard landscaping and ends up using soft landscaping things can go easily in this favor as the client doesn’t know the difference between the items used in the two types.