Budget Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

1. Limit your Tile

If you are on a tight budget, we suggest you to limit the use of tiles as they are very pricey too. Especially when you ask a professional to lay out the tiles for you it gets even expensive. If you have your heart on expensive tiles, we recommend you to go for a mix and match option. Keep cheap tiles in the overall area of the bathroom and put in a strip of an expensive one in order to make it look like a fancy design.

2. Paint

If you don’t have much to spend on bathroom remodel but want to get a change done, the cheapest way is to just paint the bathroom. Not only it is a cheap way for renovation but it is also one of the most effective ways for giving a new look to your bathroom. However, the most important thing to ponder over is the fact that since bathrooms contains moisture all the time, you need to invest in a high quality paint along with a satin finish.

3. Updating Fixtures

Another thing that can be done for a budgeted bathroom remodel from Melbourne is by updating small fixtures. These small fixtures can be sink faucets, drawer pulls, light fixtures and towel racks that are nothing but a small investment for bathroom renovation. These items may seem unimportant or less effective but they play a huge role in changing the looks of your bathroom.

4. Redo, don’t buy New

There are various ways which could change the look of your bathroom against which you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money as well. One way you can do is by redoing things rather than putting your money on buying anything new. You can always avoid the option of replacing your old tub or shower and instead have it repaired or professionally relined.

5. Buy Used

You can also save money on bathroom remodeling buy getting your hands on used products. Get bathroom fixtures, showers and even toilets in used price rather than going for the new ones. The best thing about used bathroom fixtures is the fact that they never look old. All they need is maintenance and proper cleansing and they will be good to go.

6. Save money on Counter Tops

Countertops are something that is very in these days in bathroom remodeling, however, they are pretty expensive too. But if you are so eager to get it done, there are some tips that you should be following in order to get it under your budget.

– Choose light colored countertops such as tan, browns and light beige

– Buy a slab that contains some imperfections; the more imperfection there are the cheaper they will be.