Don’t Ignore The Signs

Don’t Ignore The Signs

hip replacement surgery

From eating junk to recklessly attempting activities and making choices that are bad for a human body is now a common trend. People although are entirely aware of the consequences of the choices they make due the awareness medical science is spreading to encourage people to be more careful about their bodies and try to avoid surgeries, they are still ignorant of the signs that are indicating they need to change their lifestyle. 

A modern lifestyle we are living although is quite luxurious but still, there are certain pointers one should follow to lead a healthy one. Our knee and hip joints are two of the most important joint from the entire body and they sure are sturdy but still one should not think that they are indestructible. When you start seeing the signs, take precaution immediately to avoid any possible problems in your joints. Joint experts have asked people to take in a daily dose of calcium, vitamin E and other nutrients before the age of 30 and onwards, as after 30, the human body stops storing nutrients. 

The human body starts giving out signs, signalling the seriousness of the condition. So, a wise person would immediately contact a doctor to see through the problem. The hip joint does show certain signs that can indicate the seriousness of the issue like you might need a hip replacement surgery in sydney.

These signs are:

  • Experiencing an increase in pain during activity and reduction while resting.
  • Pain that is sharp enough to disturb you during your good night sleep.
  • Pain that occurs after some sort of work or activity and lasts at least for a few days.
  • Unable to wear shoe or sock and feeling troubled while sitting for a long period. 
  • Get an X-ray of your hip. If your bones are touching each other then it is an alarming sign.
  • Visual changes in your hip, like swelling of your hip region due to inflammation. 

These are few of the signs for hips. Now, let us have a look at the signs that indicate knee replacement surgery.

Experiencing morning stiffness that lasts long for 30 minutes and more. If it is around for 45 minutes and more than it is a sign for a type of arthritis called rheumatoid.

  1. Feeling grating in your joints 
  2. Medication is not reliving pain enough to be bearable. 
  3. Sharp pain that is preventing you from sleeping.
  4. Facing difficulty in walking up the stairs and even normal walking.
  5. Unable to freely move your leg and it is bending up to a certain degree. 
  6. Often experiencing stiffness and swelling in your knee. 
  7. Feeling troubled in while attempting to sit or stand.

All these signs and more indicates that your knee is asking for a replacement. Hence, instead of trying to bear up with the situation visit an orthopaedic surgeon. If you are in Sydney, then Dr Louis Shidiak is a great hip and knee surgeon in sydney.