Hens Night: Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Hens Night: Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Planning a hens night for the sake of your dear friend can be an exciting experience, even though it can really take its toll on your mind. However, that is not a good excuse for making some dangerous mistakes that could ruin all the work that you have done up to now. You need to learn what is acceptable and what is not when organizing a party: otherwise, you could simply be looking at spending money unnecessarily, probably without achieving your end goals in the way you intended from the beginning.Now let’s take a look at a few things that you will definitely want to avoid doing whenever you are in charge of planning a hens night:

Too Much Alcohol

Drinking a little is acceptable, but giving all the guests too much alcohol can simply make the party go out of control. It won’t be the fun gathering you had in mind at the beginning, but rather something that is completely different and more suited to the image of a drinking pub or bar. Take special care to limit drink intake, especially for the hen: you want her to remember about the part, after all.

Useless Activities Focused on Humiliation

Depending on whom is going to be hen for the night, you can host some crazy activities that may be targeted at humiliating her in some form or another. But what if your entire night consists of such activities? That is definitely not something that is going to be pleasurable for the hen. You may want to do something a little more useful, such as planning a floral crown making to teach the hen and all the other guests about something new and exciting.

Making Hasty Decisions

Make sure to have enough time on hand to plan all activities in total relaxation. When you are under pressure, there is a high chance that you will end up making mistakes, such as choosing an unsuitable venue for the party. This could effectively make the night much less enjoyable from the get-go, and no amount of topless waiters is going to rectify this problem. When selecting a location for hosting a hens night, take particular note of the availability, size and the types of services available to ease up the planning process from your end.

Forgetting About the Hens’ Likes and Dislikes

This is probably the biggest mistake you could ever make when planning out the party. Remember that each individual is unique, and the hen may not like the prospective of being pushed out of her comfort zone too much. Take into account her likes and dislikes when planning out the activity schedule: not everyone likes to drink or do a dancing performance in front of a large audience.