Most Common Types Of Aerial Work Platforms

An aerial work platform is a highly complicated mechanical instrument that is used to carry people close to a point that is usually hard to access like overhead cables and such places. They are usually used when the height is an issue. Usually used for construction and maintenance repairs and issues, they are also sometimes made use of by firefighters in emergencies who use these aerial work platforms to reach multiple storied buildings that are on fire. While these are the most basic usages for aerial work platforms, they are also used for more intricate and complicated tasks like carrying frames for window glass and are fitted with special equipment to help them achieve this. Some of these aerial work platforms are powered by a hydraulic mechanism and a few of them by a new pneumatic motion.

Cherry pickers are a type of aerial work platforms that are powered by a hydraulic motion and are extremely popular. Commonly used for maintenance tasks, the name of this type of aerial work platform started from its origins as a tool for plucking cherries from orchards which made it easy for an individual to pick cherries from places that were difficult to reach.

A scissor lift is a similar equipment that was designed to tackle the problem of heights. It only moves in a vertical manner and does this in a crises and cross manner that looks a lot like a scissor; hence the name. They have a larger area than the other aerial work platforms and are ideal for most uses like repairing overhead cables or changing street lights. They can also be used for construction and private work and any person can easily find a scissor lift for hire in Brisbane. It is recommended though that you seek renting companies that are reliable and have a history of renting high quality and good equipment to prevent any freak accidents from occurring.

Certain smaller aerial work platforms require no force to move around and depending on the size and if they have wheels they can be pushed and moved using bare hands while some larger models feature the ability to drive themselves and the motion is usually powered by gasoline engines or electric engines. Some of these machines, especially the scissor lift can even move when the job is in process. This is common among aerial work platforms that are hoisted and mounted on a vehicle. The vehicles that are usually used for this purpose are trucks and similar heavy vehicles. Using vehicles also makes the process more functional and flexible.