Recommendations For Whale Shark At Exmouth

Swim with whale shark is an enjoyable time controlled under strict regulations. Whale shark interaction with an individual only a few meters away should be properly distanced to avoid any disturbances. Any mishandling can make the shark irritated, interfering its natural habitat and behaviour. Thus, to avoid these circumstances standard rules are set to follow while swimming along with whale sharks.

Whale sharks at Exmouth

Exmouth is a location in west of Australia where whale sharks can be seen in large number at the same time during mid of the year. There is no certainty about the arrival of whale sharks at the shore of Exmouth due to history of un-levelled presence of sharksin the near past.There are few limitations which can halt your swim with whale sharks at Exmouth. These include:

  • Bad weather conditions can flaw your swim session
  • Minimum passenger capacity and pre-booked seats for swimmers does not allow every attendee to enjoy swim with ningaloo reef whale shark in australia.
  • Tour operational services can be cancelled due to any hindrance
  • Safety issues can stop swimmers from interaction with whale sharks

Whale shark diving at Exmouth

Diving with whale sharks at Exmouth is a water wonder experience in itself. The moment you arrive for diving, the participants are distributed in two groups in separate boats accompanied by professional teams. This kick starts the adventuresof whale shark diving at Exmouth. Certain limitations are kept during diving at Exmouth.

  • It is necessary to maintain an eco-friendly man and wild interaction. One must not enter the premises of whale shark boundaries, this will disturb the wild life and create disturbances in diving
  • The participant must be a skilled swimmer; non-swimmers are not allowed for whale shark diving at Exmouth
  • Seasickness during swimming, diving and snorkelling can ruin the fun of your journey at Exmouth, and such individuals are avoided to go for a swim or dive in water
  • Participants bring their belongings under water, however, in most cases they are forbidden to do so

Recommendations for seasickness for whale shark diving at Exmouth

Following are some points must have obeyed by individuals suffering from seasickness.

  • Try to hold on your senses and gather courage to go back in water
  • Don’t move to warm spaces, as it will worse your condition
  • Do not stay in closed rooms and cabins
  • It is important for swimmers to be hydrated
  • Do not take up on acidic eatables and drinks
  • If the swimmer still feels nausea, he or she must inform the accompanying staff regarding failing health.

Assistance from the staff crew and adopting these recommendations can help improve the participant’s health and recover the energy boost to continue whale shark diving at Exmouth.


Presence of whale sharks at Exmouthis a breath-taking view and a soothing experience. Whale shark diving at Exmouth is an obvious sport conducted on the right ports of Ningaloo reefs.They add excitement to an everlasting journey of real Australia.